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Mr.Avishkar Singhvi - BA, LLB (UK)Has an academic background in Economics and Law that allows for a contextual understanding to both the financial and legal side of Venture Capitalism for the Investor/Investee. Shares a Vision to accelerate growth in diverse sectors such as Banking and Financial technologies, Agricultural technologies, Healthcare and Hospitality Management Services, Clean Energy harvesting, and other Innovative Technologies. Seeks to identify potentially disrupting organizations and provide them the growth impetus in the form of capital or strategic invaluable resources including advise and references. Favors a strong Due Diligence on current revenue streams NOT notional valuations based on future revenue streams. Has a reputed clientele base and thorough exposure across sectors which can directly foster early stage and series A ventures with instrumental information, mentoring, useful links, and a strong legal base. Aspires to create value both within the organization with high quality specific advice on subject matter, networks, and outside the organization -- growth avenues/ strategies for all investee-associate Companies of the DIBS Pvt. Ltd. It may be noted that in the event any unforeseen dispute occurs at a later stage, Mr. Singhvi may provide in depth legal advice on terms thereof.