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Mr. Rahul Talwar, aged 29, is diversely experienced in the marketing and sales divisions across sectors including real estate and customer services. Amongst his previous roles, he was engaged with DLF India Limited in residential sales and marketing in the Indian real estate market for 5 years. He is currently associated in a marketing role with Sunrise BPO Services Pte Limited, a Singapore-based Business Process management company. Rahul’s academic background includes a Bachelor of Arts in History (Major) and Political Science (Minor) from McGill University in Montreal, Québec, Canada. Rahul has a keen interest in companies that have a disruptive and aggressive approach towards their respective industries but have simultaneously maintained a steady flow of capital. His collaboration with Dreamweaver Investment and Business Solutions (“DIBS”) is founded largely on the intention to associate with and assist companies with a similar outlook, for driving rapid long-term growth and creation of new industry standards. At DIBS, Rahul wishes to be a co-pilot for such companies through his large existing networks in multiple industries.